Exciting New Research from Sherwood Lab!

David Sherwood and David Matus (former postdoc in the Sherwood Lab, now at SUNY-Stony Brook) have published exciting new findings abouta genetic mechanism governing cancer cells.  In an article in Developmental Cell, they revealed the genetic mechanism which controls whether cancer cells invade or divide--they can't do both at once (Vol. 35/2, 26 Oct. 2015, pp. 164-174.)  This finding explains anecdotal observations about the behavior of cancer cells made by pathologists and cancer biologists.  The paper has drawn attention from Scientific American (Vol. 314/1) and ScienceDaily (10/26/2015).


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Matus et al., "Invasive Cell Fate Requires G1 Cell-Cycle Arrest and Histone Deacetylase-Mediated Changes in Gene Expression."