Biology Electives

All Biology courses numbered between 204-699 are acceptable as elective courses for the major and minor. This includes courses listed in the menu on the right that aren't being used to fulfill area requirements, plus any of the courses below.

Number Title Codes Notes
BIOLOGY 208FS Computing on the Genome: An Introduction to Genomics and Bioinformatics NS, QS Focus Program Only
BIOLOGY 212L General Microbiology NS Offered every Fall & Spring; Can be used for Div req OR struc/function, but NOT BOTH!
BIOLOGY 224 Fundamentals of Neuroscience STS, NS
BIOLOGY 251L Molecular Evolution R, NS, QS
BIOLOGY 255 Philosophy of Biology R, STS, CZ, NS
BIOLOGY 261D Race, Genomics, and Society EI, STS, NS, SS
BIOLOGY 290 Topics in Biology
BIOLOGY 293 Research Independent Study R Available every term
BIOLOGY 318 Human Evolutionary Genetics R, NS
BIOLOGY 326S Evolutionary Genomics STS, NS
BIOLOGY 364L Advanced Experimental Physics NS
BIOLOGY 421S Biology of Nervous System Diseases NS
BIOLOGY 450S Genomics of Adaptation: A Modern Look at Evolution NS
BIOLOGY 460 Population Genetics NS, QS
BIOLOGY 490T Tutorial Available every term
BIOLOGY 495 Scientific Arguments: Writing an Undergraduate Thesis W
BIOLOGY 515 Principles of Immunology R, NS
BIOLOGY 555S Problems in the Philosophy of Biology STS, NS
BIOLOGY 556L Systematic Biology NS
BIOLOGY 588S Macroevolution NS
BIOLOGY 590S Seminar (Topics)
BIOLOGY 652S The Life and Work of Darwin NS
BIOLOGY 660 Evolution from a Coalescence Perspective NS
BIOLOGY 706 Grant Writing