Commencement 2024

We are looking forward to celebrating with you at the Undergraduate Biology Awards and Diploma Ceremony!

The event will be held on Sunday, May 12, 2024 at noon in the Wilson Recreation Center Gym and last about an hour.
Light bento-style box lunches will be available on a first-come basis prior to the ceremony, starting from about ~11:15 a.m. (following the University Commencement in Wallace Wade). Vegan, gluten-friendly, and nut-free options will be included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need tickets to attend?

No, but Biology is a large major and space can get tight, so please head over to Wilson Gym promptly following the morning Wallace Wade ceremony for the best availability of lunches and seating.

How long will the ceremony run?

It will start as close to noon as possible and last around an hour. 

Will there be a photographer at the Ceremony?

Photo Specialties will capture each graduate receiving their diploma on-stage and in a posed shot off-stage. Proofs will be provided via an email link to students and a printed proof to home addresses within about a week of the ceremony (no obligation to purchase). Guests are welcome to take their own photos, but please take caution not to block others' views and/or the procession of graduates.

Is Wilson Gym Accessible?

Wilson Gym is air conditioned, and the gym entrance directly off of K'ville is flat with no stairs. If reserved seating for a family member in a wheelchair would be helpful, please reach out to Jill Foster at least a week in advance of the event.

What happens if I am not receiving a diploma due to December or Summer graduation, etc.?

You will be presented with a stand-in during the ceremony.

What if I'm a double major?

Graduates typically attend the ceremony of their first major, as that Department will receive your diploma. If you intend otherwise, contact both Departments as soon as possible to discuss arrangements for attending.

Student Instructions/Ceremony Procedures

  • Please make all efforts to arrive at Wilson Rec promptly. Do not enter through the regular carded entrance but rather enter straight into the Gym off of K-Ville.

  • Continue to wear your cap and gown for the ceremony.

  • You will sit in the section of seating for graduates, not with your guests. Be seated in your assigned seat (marked & arranged alphabetically) by 11:50 a.m. so we can begin as close to noon as possible. There isn't a processional, so sitting in your proper seat keeps you in order to receive the correct diploma.

  • There will be a diploma ticket on your seat - when it's time for diploma distribution, bring that with you to the stage. An usher will direct your aisle to rise and approach the stage at the proper time. A faculty member will be at the top of the steps to cue you when your name is called. You will proceed single-file across the stage.

  • Return to your seat immediately after exiting the stage, staying in line with your classmates. Remain seated until all graduates have received their diplomas and the ceremony has concluded.  

Questions? Reach out to Jill Foster,