Maya Salwen, B.S. 2009

Manager, Accenture – New York, NY

2009 Major: Biology

How has being a Biology graduate from Duke helped shape you personally and/or professionally?

"Although I never ended up directly worked in Biology, my major has determined the whole course of my career. Specifically, I studied abroad in South Africa with the Organization for Tropical Studies, a biology focused program, my junior year. My first job after graduating was working as an admissions counselor for the study abroad program, which is based at Duke! This experience led to me spend a few years working in higher education at NYU. While working at NYU I pursued a dual MBA-MPA which led me to a career in customer experience and consulting. Today I am a Manager in Accenture’s Talent & Organization group where I help companies navigate the changes that come with large-scale digital transformations. It may not be where I imagined I’d end up, but I love what I do and wouldn’t trade my path for anything else!"

What advice would you give students in Duke's Biology programs? 

"Use your time at Duke to learn how to learn, how to think critical, and how to work in teams. Those skills will serve you well no matter where you end up in your career. Don’t be afraid to make a change if something isn’t working for you. Most of all remember that 99.99% of career journeys are not a straight line - it’s ok to meander. Do your best at each stage and let your strengths determine your next step. Good luck!"


Maya Salwen