AJED 2022 Spring Semester Report

The AJED committee was hard at work during the spring semester of 2022 on five main fronts:

(1) Undergraduate student subcommittee – Biology Cultural Union (BCU)

(2) Education subcommittee

(3) Faculty recruitment subcommittee – Frontiers in Biology seminar series

(4) Undergraduate advising for students interested in research and graduate school – “BioGrad Pathways Program”

(5) Departmental climate survey


The report for the Fall 2021 can be found here.  


AJED committee members:

François Lutzoni (Co-Chair of AJED), Professor
Justin Wright (Co-Chair of AJED), Professor
Amber Brooks, undergraduate student
Jill Chaskes-Foster, staff
Amanda DelVecchia, Research Scientist
Danae Diaz, graduate student
Dakota Douglas, undergraduate student
Elissa Foss, graduate student
Alison Hill, Senior Lecturer
Paul Magwene, Associate Professor
Steve Nowicki, Professor
Nina Sherwood, Associate Professor of the Practice
Lucia Strader, Associate Professor
Emily Bernhardt (ex officio - Professor and Chair of the Department of Biology)