Biology Major Requirements

For the B.S. Degree PRE- & CO-REQUISITES
(or demonstrated proficiency)

______CHM 101DL (31L) [or 21 (19) or 110DL (43L)]

______MTH 111L (31L) [or 105L&106L (25&26) or 21/121 (31)]

______MTH 112L (32L) [or 122L (41L) or 22/122 (32) or
STA 102 or above or BIO 204 (189)*
*cannot double count BIO 204 (189) as an elective

_______CHM 201DL (151L)

_______PHY 141L (53L) [or 161L (41L) or 151L (61) or 25]

Note: CHM 210DL (32L), CHM 202L (152L) & PHY 142L (54L)
recommended for pre-med, pre-vet, biochem, pharm, others

For the A.B, Degree PRE- & CO-REQUISITES
(or demonstrated proficiency)

_____ CHM 101DL (31L) [or CHM 21 (19) or 110DL (43L)]

_____ MTH 105L (25) (or equiv)

_____ MTH 106L (26) (or equiv)



1. ___________ BIO 201L (101L), Molecular Biology (prereq: Chem 101DL (31L) or equiv)

2. ___________ BIO 202L (102L), Genetics & Evolution


- 1 approved course in each area
- A course listed in two areas may only be used to meet one area requirement.

3. ___________ Organismal Diversity

4. ___________ Structure/Function: Cells and Organisms

5. ___________ Ecology

BIO ELECTIVES at the 200-level and above (formerly 100-level and above)
-At least 3 electives must be in courses listed or cross-listed as Biology. This may include BCH 301 (227) and a maximum of 2 approved Independent Study (BIO, BCH, GENOME, PHR, PTH, NBI, CBI, IMM, MGM).
-A maximum of 2 independent studies or tutorials may count toward the major.
-A maximum of 2 approved alternate electives in the biological sciences may be counted toward the major.

6. __________ Biology Elective
7. __________ Biology Elective
8. __________ Biology Elective
9. __________ Biology Elective or approved alternate
10. _________ Biology Elective or approved alternate


1) At least two full lab courses beyond BIO 201L (101L) and 202L (102L). Maximum of one independent study may count as a lab course.

         Lab 1___________ Lab 2___________

2) At least one full 400-level or above Biology ‘Capstone’ course (formerly 200-level or above) or other approved capstone. Independent Study can only count towards this requirement if it is a second semester continuation.

      'Capstone' Course ______(not BCH 301 [227]; not BCH 302 [228] if taken fall 2012 or after)

Students matriculating prior to Fall 2010 can graduate under the old major requirements if they choose.

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