Marine Biology Concentration


Dr. Dan Rittschof , Department of Biology, Duke University Marine Lab
phone: 252-504-7634 e-mail: ritt@duke

Students matriculating before Fall 2010 can choose the old requirments.

Requirements for Students Matriculating Fall 2010 and after and available to all students:

For the B.S. Degree PRE- & CO-REQUISITES
(or demonstrated proficiency)

______CHM 101DL (31L) [or 21 (19) or 110DL (43L)]

______MTH 111L (31L) [or 105L&106L (25&26) or 21/121 (31)]

______MTH 112L (32L) [or 122L (41L) or 22/122 (32) or
STA 102 or above or BIO 204 (189)*
*cannot double count BIO 204 (189) as an elective

_______CHM 201DL (151L)

_______PHY 141L (53L) [or 161L (41L) or 151L (61) or 25]

Note: CHM 210DL (32L), CHM 202L (152L) & PHY 142L (54L)
recommended for pre-med, pre-vet, biochem, pharm, others

For the A.B, Degree PRE- & CO-REQUISITES
(or demonstrated proficiency)

_____ CHM 101DL (31L) [or CHM 21 (19) or 110DL (43L)]

_____ MTH 105L (25) (or equiv)

_____ MTH 106L (26) (or equiv)



1. ___________ BIO 201L (101L), Molecular Biology (prereq: Chem 101DL (31) or equiv)

2. ___________ BIO 202L (102L), Genetics & Evolution


- 1 approved cousre in each area
-A course listed in two areas may only be used to meet one area requirement.

3. ___________ Organismal Diversity

4. ___________ Structure/Function: Cells and Organisms

5. ___________ Ecology

BIO ELECTIVES (at the 200-level and above, formerly 100-Level)
-At least 3 electives must be in courses listed or cross-listed as Biology at the 200-level (Foermerly 100-level) or above. This may include BCH 301 (227) and a maximum of 2 approved Independent Study (BIO, BCH, PHR, PTH, NBI, CBI, IMM, UPG, MGM).
-A maximum of 2 independent studies or tutorials may count toward the major.
-A maximum of 2 approved alternate electives in the biological sciences may be counted toward the major.

6. __________ Biology Elective
7. __________ Biology Elective
8. __________ Biology Elective
9. __________ Biology Elective or approved alternate
10. _________ Biology Elective or approved alternate

In order to complete the concentration, at least four (4) course credits must be taken at the Duke University Marine Laboratory from the following list:

Biology 201LA (101L), 270A (109), 369LA (114L), 272A (123), 279LA (n/a), 375(L)A (125), 376(L)A (126), 205 (127), 273LA (129L), 278LA (150L), 372LA (155L), 373LA (156L), 377LA (176L), 378LA (178L), 374LA (183L), 380LA (185L), 379LA (188L), 293A (191), 490TA (193T), 290S (195S), 570LA-1 (207AL) (Panama), 570LA-2 (207BL) (California), 570LA-3 (207EL) (France), 571A (216),  493 (297)

Cell Biology old#243

Environmental Sciences 280LA (124L), 543A (243), 590SA (256S), 279LA (151L), 585A (298.36)



1)At least two full lab courses beyond BIO 201L (101L) and 202L (102L). Maximum of one independent study may count as a lab course.
         Lab 1___________ Lab 2___________

2)At least one full 400-level or above Biology ‘Capstone’course (formerly 200 level) or alternate. Only second semester continuation of Independent Study counts towards this requirement.
      'Capstone' Course ______not BCH 301 (227); not BCH 302 (228) if taken after Fall 2012


Area Description

Marine Biology is not a separate discipline in biology. It is the application of different specialties in biology to the study of the particular organisms which live in the marine environment. It requires an understanding of the unique characteristics of the sea and its inhabitants and the particular adaptations and special relationships of those organisms to that environment. Introductory Oceanography, Biology 157 (53), is suggested as an entry level course, but is not required. Students concentrating in Marine Biology are required to take four (4) course credits at the Duke University Marine Laboratory (not including Physics). Selection of the courses depends upon student interests and one of the courses may be an independent study.

There is also a requirement that all students spend part of their undergraduate careers at the Duke University Marine Laboratory, in Beaufort, North Carolina, where they will gain hands-on experience. The course work that fulfills these requirements can be taken during a regular semester or during summer school.

Students fulfilling the requirements of the Area of Concentration in Marine Biology will receive a note on their official transcript certifying successful completion of the Area of Concentration.

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