Marine Biology

Physical and chemical aspects of estuarine and marine ecosystems and environments. Functional adaptations of marine organisms and the role of man and society on the ecosystems. Includes field trips to local environments with an emphasis on impacted environments and their relation to societal activity and policy. For students not majoring in natural sciences. (Given at Beaufort.) One course.

Evolution of Life

The history of life on earth and mechanisms underlying evolution. Topics include the history of thought about evolution, Darwin and "Darwinism", applications of evolutionary ideas in agriculture and medicine, mis-applications such as in eugenics and racism, and the relationship between evolutionary biology and religion. Intended for non-majors. One course.

Ecosystem Health and Human Well-Being

Explores interactions between ecosystem health and human well-being in context of global change and human population growth. Effects of climate change on food supply, water availability, land degradation and human well-being; impact of species distribution, disease spread, and human health; ecosystem services and human well-being. Case studies used to illustrate the scientific process and to evaluate supporting evidence. For nonmajors. One course.