Marine Invertebrate Zoology

Structure, function, and development of invertebrates collected from estuarine and marine habitats. Not open to students who have taken Biology 777LA. One course. (Given at Beaufort fall, spring, and summer.) Prereq- uisite: AP Biology or introductory biology or consent of instructor. Variable credit.

Marine Mammals

Laboratory version of Biology 376A. Laboratory and field exercises consider social organization, behavior, ecology, communication, and anatomy of local bottlenose dolphins. (Given at Beaufort.) Prerequisite: introductory biology. One course.

Marine Mammals

The biology of cetaceans, pinnipeds, sirenians, and sea otters. Topics covered include the diversity, evolution, ecology, and behavior of marine mammals and their interactions with humans. Detailed consideration given to the adaptations that allow these mammals to live in the sea. Evaluation of the scien- tific, ethical, and aesthetic factors influencing societal attitudes toward these animals and of their conservation management in light of domestic legislation and international treaties. (Given at Beaufort.) Prerequisite: introductory biology.