Administrative Staff

Johanna C. Bernhardt Staff Assistant 139D Biological Sciences 660-7372
Biweekly and monthly payroll, coordinate seminars, Key Control and Mail Room manager
Blythe B. Boquist Program Coordinator 142 Bio Sci 660-7338
Support for the Center for Systems Biology.
Ivalee Forehand Accounting Specialist Bio Sci 134 613-8726
Departmental and Service Center accounting support
Jennifer Foreman Staff Specialist 371D Bio Sci 684-8802
Assistant to the Director of Center for Evolutionary Genomics and Assistant to the DUS.
Jill C. Foster Staff Assistant to DUS Office 135 Bio Sci 660-7320
All things related to undergraduate teaching except budgets.
Clint King Facility Coordinator 1133 French 971-2517
Buildings maintenance and renovation coordination for BioSci, French Family Science Center and Physics. Vehicle servicing and lab relocations.
Anne Lacey Administrative Coordinator for Graduate Studies 139B Bio Sci 684-3649
All things related to the graduate program.
Carla Neville Staff Specialist 139E Bio Sci 613-8178
Grant management for Biology faculty.
Renee Puryear Manager, Research Administration 139C Bio Sci 660-7377
Manager, Biology Grants/Research Administration.
Randy Smith Manager, Natural Sciences 139A Bio Sci 919-684-5828, 919-630-4296
Overall management and coordination for the administrative functions of the department.
Jim M. Tunney Financial Analyst II 141 Bio Sci 660-7375
Fiscal management and purchasing support for Departmental operating and instructional funds and graduate student awards.
Caroline Usher Administrative Coordinator 143 Bio Sci 613-8155
Assistant to the Chair, faculty and research staff payroll and departmental communications.
Margaret R Wilbur Staff Assistant BioSci 132 613-8171
Grant accounting support.
Carolyn Woolley Accounting Specialist 133 Bio Sci 660-7401
Grant accounting support.

Duke Biology Box 90338 Durham, NC 27708 Phone: 919-660-7372 Fax: 919-660-7293