Paul Mitaari Magwene

Associate Professor of Biology

124 Science Drive, Room 4103 Ffsc, Duke Box 90338, Durham, NC 27708
Campus Box: 
(919) 613-8159

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  • Ph.D. 1999, University of Chicago

  • AB 1993, Harvard College

Papers Published

The quick and the dead: microbial demography at the yeast thermal limit., 3, 2017
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When sensing is gambling: An experimental system reveals how plasticity can generate tunable bet-hedging strategies., 2, 2017
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Revisiting mortimer's genome renewal hypothesis: Heterozygosity, homothallism, and the potential for adaptation in yeast, 1, 2014
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Predatory dinosaurs from the Sahara and late Cretaceious faunal differntiation, 1996
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  • 1998 Ford Foundation Fellowships/ Dissertaton, National Academies, The