Juliet Noor

Lecturer in the Department of Biology

130 Science Drive, Room 137, Duke Box 90338, Durham, NC 27708
Campus Box: 
(919) 613-8224


  • M.S. 1995, University of Chicago

  • B.S. 1993, University of California at Berkeley

Papers Published

Finding Selection in All the Right Places: A College Genetics Laboratory Inquiry-Based Learning Exercise, February, 2013
Noor, JKF; Noor, MAF, Genetics Society of America Education Resources. (February, 2013)

Witnessing Evolution First-hand: A K-12 Laboratory Exercise in Genetics and Evolution Using Drosophila, February, 2013
Heil, CSS; Manzano Winkler, B; Hunter, MJ; Noor, JKF; Noor, MAF, American Biology Teacher. (February, 2013) 75 vol. (2); pp. 116-119

Witnessing phenotypic and molecular evolution in the fruit fly, December, 2012
Heil, CSS; Hunter, MJ; Noor, JKF; Miglia, K; Manzano Winkler, B; McDermott, SR; Noor, MAF, Evolution: Education and Outreach. (December, 2012) 5 pp. 629-634