John M. Mercer

Associate Professor of the Practice in the Department of Biology

239 Bio Sci Bldg, Durham, NC 27708
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(919) 660-7354
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  • Ph.D. 1981, Yale University

Papers Published

Major publications in the critical care pharmacotherapy literature: February 2012 through February 2013., 1, 2014
Turck, CJ; Frazee, E; Kram, B; Daley, MJ; Day, SA; Horner, D; Lesch, C; Mercer, JM; Plewa, AM; Herout, P; Critical Care Pharmacotherapy Literature Update Group, , American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy. 71 vol. (1); pp. 68-77

Slip-sliding away: serial changes and homoplasy in repeat number in the Drosophila yakuba homolog of human cancer susceptibility gene BRCA2., June 8, 2010
Bennett, SM; Mercer, JM; Noor, MAF, PloS one. (June 8, 2010) 5 vol. (6); pp. e11006

RNase 1 genes from the family Sciuridae define a novel rodent ribonuclease cluster, December, 2009
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Roth, VL & JM Mercer 2008. Differing rates of macroevolutionary diversification in arboreal squirrels. Current Science 95:857-86, October, 2008
, (October, 2008)

Differing rates of macroevolutionary diversification in arboreal squirrels, 0, 2008
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A phylogeographically distinct and deep divergence in the widespread Neotropical turnip-tailed gecko, Thecadactylus rapicauda., February, 2005
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Mandibles of rodents that have cheek pouches differ morphometrically from those of rodents that do not, August, 2004
V. L. Roth, S. Unsicker, and J. M. Mercer, Poster: 7th International conference of Vertebrate Morphology. (August, 2004)

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Effective isotrophic dipole-dipole pair potential, 1990
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Expansion of the kinetic hierarchy for a massive particle: the Repeated Ring and Fokker-Planck equations, 1983
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A modified Fokker-Planck equation for the motion of Brownian particles in a non-uniform gas, 1982
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Simplified kinetic treatment of heavy molecule velocity persistence effects: Application to species separation, 1981
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Some considerations on the calculation of the velocity correlation function in the ring approximation, with application to the Lorentz gas, 1979
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Lactase and other enzymes bound to chitin with gluteraldehyde, 1975
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Book Chapters:

Themes and variation in sciurid evolution in Evolution of the Rodents: Advances in Phylogeny, Functional Morphology and Development, 2014
Louise Roth, V; Mercer, JM

Unequal crossing-over in Sydney Brenner's Encyclopedia of Genetics, 0, 2013
Mercer, JM

Cooperativity in Sydney Brenner's Encyclopedia of Genetics, 0, 2013
Mercer, JM