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Kathleen Donohue, Ph.D.


website: http://fds.duke.edu/db/aas/Biology/faculty/kd65
email: k.donohue@duke.edu



Lab Manager

Brianne Edwards

email: be29@duke.edu

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Gaby Auge, Ph.D.

email: gabriela.auge@duke.edu

I have been always interested in how environmental changes influence seed dormancy and germination. I am currently studying the functional conservation of signaling pathways during seed germination and flowering transition processes, focusing in the role of FLC as integrator of different environmental cues. I have a degree in Biotechnology (2001, National University of Quilmes, Argentina) and a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (2009, National University of San Martín, Argentina). My PhD thesis was focused on how changes in the light environment (red to far-red light ratio) modulate seed germination at physiological and molecular levels, using Solanum lycopersicum and Datura ferox as study organisms.


Graduate Students

Liana Burghardt

webpage: http://lianaburghardt.wordpress.com/
email: liana.burghardt@duke.edu

I am interested in the role environmentally-sensitive phenological transitions like flowering and germination play in the evolution of plant life histories. Particularly crucial is determining whether(and how) environmental information used adaptively (or not) to influence flowering time and germination time and how those 'decisions' feedback on one another. Additionally, I am interested in the possible role of germination in habitat selection and the interplay between dispersal, ontogeny, and adaptation.







Lindsay Leverett

email: ldl11@duke.edu

I am fascinated by the relationship between biotic interactions and phenology. This connection is especially important considering predicted and observed phenology shifts in response to global climate change. My research uses a combination of laboratory studies, field experiments, and genetic tools to ask how biotic interactions within plant communities can exert selection on phenological traits. In addition to research I enjoy teaching and mentoring undergraduates in their own research efforts.






Research Technician


Logan Blair

email: lb201@duke.edu

I am interested in phenotypic plasticity and the molecular pathways underlying life-history transitions. I am currently using transgenetic lines to study pleiotropy in the pathways of FLC-regulated germination and flowering time. I also am using quantitative PCR to study natural variation in FLC expression. Outside of the lab I enjoy playing ping-pong, classical guitar, and sampling local microbrews.





Visiting Scholars


Guan Bicai, visiting from China.

email: guanbicai12@163.com

I want to know if genotype and maternal conditions influence on seeds germination. It is of great interest to test whether FLC itself is involved in a memory of maternal rosette temperature, or whether it is involved in dormancy regulation specifically during seed maturation.



Toshiyuki Imaizumi, visiting from Japan.

email: toshiyuki.imaizumi@duke.edu

I am interested in how genetic and environmental factors influence phenotypic diversity in weed populations. This knowledge is essential for understanding why weeds are so successful in human disturbances and for development of weed management. I am currently studying the effect of day length on seed dormancy and germination.







Hannah Neville

Charlotte Harrington








Lab Alumni


Postdoctoral Associates

Tarek Elnaccash: tarek.elnaccash@gmail.com
Catherine Martel:
Postoctoral Research Associate London, Ontario, Canada.
Rafael Rubio de Casas:
Postdoctoral Research Associate Grenada, Spain.
Deepak Barua: Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science and Education Research
Converse Griffith: US Forest Service
Jocelyn Hall : Assistant Professor, University of Alberta.
Shane Heschel: Assistant Professor, Colorado College
Chandra Polisetty: USDA


Graduate Students

Lauren Ruane: Assistant Professor Christopher Newport University
George Chiang: Post-Doctoral Research Associate UCLA

Charlie Willis: Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Harvard University


Lab Managers

Katie Kovach: Instructor/Counselor, Schoolhouse of Wonder, Durham, NC



Elizabeth Boyd: Graduate Student, University of Illinois, Chicago Circle
Colleen Butler: Graduate Student, Tufts University
Emily Dittmar: Graduate Student, Michigan State University
Tracy Tisdale: Technician, Broad Institute
Andrew Wheeler: Graduate student, Claremont Graduate University, Rancho Santa Ana


Visiting Scholars


Chunhui Zhang, Ph.D.

Paulo Souza-Filho, Graduate student/Fulbright Scholar


Undergraduate Alumni

Michael Murphy
Paul Griggs
Naomi Wender
Shaun Takao
Jessica Selby
Dunbar Carpenter
Tim Wang
Joe Provenzano
Mercedes Zapata-Garcia
Anamika Saha
Corley Gibbs
Eden Ashebir
Aman Bali
Natalie Chin
Rachel Clark
Tommy Meister
Shannon Moyer
Zoe Hill
Eli Hornstein